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Hemp Building Hands On Hempucation


8 AM - 2 PM

Waller's Coffee Shop

240 Dekalb Industrial Way




When did we start building with hemp? Come together for a hands on workshop and build as a team. Learn about the versatile ways hemp can be used to build our very own nests. Hemp plaster and "create" is not only incredibly strong, but eco-friendly and fire resistant. So get out of the doghouse and breathe the fresh air that hemp walls provide. We will do some stretching and group building exercises during this workshop as well. Wear or bring clothes that can get messy. This is an outside workshop so be prepared with your sunscreen, hat, water, etc. There will be a short break for lunch at noon. Waller's has sandwiches and you are welcome to bring your own food. There is also a farmer's market down the street. Fee: $50.00 - 25 person limit. Reserve your spot through Waller's or by See you there!

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