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iHemp and the Triple Bottom Line


12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Event Website

221 E. Main St.

Johnson City



Learn about hemp from Coach Freddie, and check out his amazing hemp car! Freddie coaches people to have a personal vision and a mission statement for their business that is benefiting people, helping the planet, and providing long term profits. He educates people about responsibility, sustainability and thriveability, and that it is better to be on a mission, not in a competition. He encourages people to get so clear about their mission that they want to jump and dance. They want to leap out of bed each morning and get the show on the road. Play Life’s Game like an Olympic athlete with integrity, service, ethics and creating your own Olympic game. Coach Freddie’s Mission: Inspiring others to be visionaries, growing with an evolving mind and creativity. “Coach Freddie is on a Mission”

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