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Surfrider Foundations International Surfing Day


8 AM - 12 PM

Event Website

3300 Diamond Head Rd




Every day, the Surfrider Foundation and our volunteer activist network work to protect our coasts. On International Surfing Day, we take a moment to celebrate and enjoy the beaches and waves that we all love.
“Protect & Enjoy” is this year’s ISD theme as well as a key part of the Surfrider mission. Participate in our beach cleanup and leave the spot better than you found it.
This year, while we band together on this special day to share waves, we also aim to raise awareness of urgent threats to our precious coastline, like new offshore oil drilling. We’re calling on our government leaders to officially cancel plans for oil drilling and we’re asking coastal enthusiasts everywhere to join us and voice their opposition. A Hemp History Week booth will be present to talk about alternatives to our petroleum dependency and Sustainable Boost will be providing free refreshments for the beach clean up volunteers. See you there!

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