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Hemp Road Trip Birmingham Screening


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

2430 Morris Avenue




The legalization of industrial hemp has brought on a rush of opportunity clouded by confusion. What is hemp, exactly? How does it differ from marijuana? And why should we care?

To better understand the complex history of hemp in America, along with the versatile properties and present possibilities of this miracle crop, join Hemp Road Trip at Carrigan's Public House for it's feature documentary screening followed by a Q&A with founder and producer, Rick Trojan.

Education is paramount, as without it, progress can't be made. Hemp Road Trip is here to propagate an accurate understanding of the cannabis plant to promote flourishing industries across the country and globe. At this event you will join with others to learn and discuss the ways industrial hemp has resurfaced to bring on a new green revolution to the great state of Alabama.

Meet the Hemp Road Trip in Birmingham on its 8th national tour, to discover your role in the fast-growing hemp revolution, a modern movement founded on ancient roots.

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