Plan for Success With These Event, Venue, Promotion,
and Community Partnership Ideas.

Event Ideas

Get the creative juices flowing, and start brainstorming!


Download our handouts to help you get started on your planning: 

Have you hosted an event in years past? You can also recreate the fun with the same activities, venue and team! Build on your past success while celebrating the tradition.


We will send free educational materials to the 250 events that are

the most promising in terms of hemp education and originality!

Event Team

Help take the load off by recruiting your event team today!


Could you use help with:

  • Outreach and promotion 

  • Day-of setup and break down

  • Education

  • Handing out materials

  •  Photo and video collection

  •  Tabling

  •  Other?


Then gather some nice people around you, many hands make light work!


Community Partners

Whether it’s your favorite restaurant, local artists, campus club, local business, or your library, establishing community partnerships can provide venues, promotion and organizational support.

Here are tools to help you reach out to partners in your community:


Event Venue

It’s never too early to secure your event venue. What kind of places are available in your area to host an event?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Library

  • Community Theatre

  • Yoga Studio

  • Kitchen Share

  • Church

  • Grange

  • Museum

  • College

  • Public Park

  • Restaurant

  • Local Co-op

  • Farmers’ Market

  • City Government Building


Event Promotion

Ensure your event is a success by getting the word out. Create an event page from your social media account, print posters and flyers, list your event in a community newsletter and community bulletin boards, tell your friends and family and ask them to invite their friends.

Here are some tools to promote your hard work:

Hemp Week

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