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Event registration is closed at this time. Thank you for considering to join the movement, and we hope to welcome you back next year!

Educate your community about hemp this June 3-9 by organizing a hemp event! Register your event here to join the grassroots movement, and to be considered for receiving free educational materials and digital promotion for your event! 

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Receive Free Materials

We will send a FREE event kit with educational materials to the top 250 events that have registered on our website. This means most events will receive a kit. In the case you won’t receive one, we will let you know in advance. You will still be able to create a successful event using the free digital resources that we have available on our website!


Size options free kit:

Medium: 1x t-shirt, 50x postcards, 50x stickers, 15x buttons, Take Action! materials

Large: 1x t-shirt, 100x postcards, 50x stickers, 20x buttons, Take Action! materials

Please consider what you really need, our resources are limited:

Your kit will include a campaign t-shirt. Please indicate which cut and size you prefer, we'll try to match your preference as closely as possible.

T-Shirt Cut

Each year, our campaign sponsors send FREE hemp product samples to grassroots events. Each brand manages internally which and how many events they can support with these samples, and our campaign can't predict for you which or how many samples you will receive. Therefore, we recommend to approach the samples as a fun bonus to your event.

Receive Samples

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If you have any questions about registering your event, feel free to contact us!

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