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Hemp Recipes Landing Anchor

Learn How to Use Hemp Seeds, Protein, Soap,

and CBD Oil With These Fantastic Recipes!

Hemp Seeds

Hemp is incredibly good for you! Its seed is delicious and nutritious, high in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and highly digestible protein. It contains super omegas Stearidonic Acid (SDA) , Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and all nine Essential Amino Acids. Hemp seeds are also gluten-free, vegan, high in fiber, have no known allergens, and require no petroleum-based chemicals to grow. 

Hemp seeds are an ingredient can easily be added to almost any meal! Whether sprinkled over a salad or soup, or mixed into cookie dough or granola, they add a rich and slightly nutty flavor to your dish.

Check out the recipes below, and be sure to add hemp seeds to your diet!  

Hemp Recipes Hemp Seeds
Hemp Recipes Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder is made from the seeds of the hemp plant. 


Did you know that hemp seeds contain almost as much protein as soybeans? One serving (3 table spoons) contains 12-15 g of protein. The seeds contain at least 20 amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids. Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins. Together, amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of the human body. The dietary fiber, chlorophyll, minerals, and antioxidants present in hemp protein powder make it an extremely nutritious addition to your diet.

Check out these two delicious protein-rich treats!

Hemp Recipes Hemp & Home

Hemp & Home

Did you know that you can use hemp castile soap to clean your whole house from top to bottom, and once you've worked up a sweat, safely use it to shower with from head to toe? Hemp allows natural solutions for both inside your home and the garden, without compromising the environment. 

Add these recipes to your green cleaning routine, and also consider using hemp castile soap for:

  • Dishes

  • Cleaning floors

  • All purpose cleaning (+ vinegar)

  • Shaving

  • Dog washing

  • Fruit & veggie rinse

  • Laundry detergent

Hemp Recipes Hemp Derived CBD

Hemp Derived CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 60+ naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds found in hemp. 

CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system, a grouping of millions of cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body but primarily clustered in the brain and central nervous system. Your endocannabinoid system has four primary purposes. These include neuroprotection, stress relief, immune response, and the regulation the body’s general state of balance, impacting faculties such as appetite, sleep, mood, and pain.


CBD has shown great promise for relieving pain, and neurological conditions like anxiety and PTSD. It can also support the immune system, and with that potentially be beneficial for people with conditions like arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and more.

See below for ways to add CBD products to your life!

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