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Nevada Humanities- State of the Pollen Nation


5 PM - 9 PM

1670-200 n. Virginia st




Nevada Humanities - Presentation series: state of the pollen nation

State of the Pollen Nation , presented by Bee Heroic is part of a pollination symposium hosted by NH.

Bee Heroic Presents on the issues it impacts behind pollinator losses and ecosystem collapse. Bee Heroic is an adult focused project due to the fact that viable pollinator populations wil be gone within a handful of years. The hemp industry places some of the most dangerous and environmentally distructive industries on earth. An important element in saving pollinators, is conscious consumerism. Through the growth and use of hemp, we can save thousands of species of pollinator s and their ecosystems

Bee Heroic hosts tables at events where we hand out hemp products in exchange, people must read about Ecosystem issues.

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